Samsung is working on a new camera module that will feature optical image stabilization, and will include the new module in devices that will launch next year.


The Galaxy Note 3 was said to feature optical image stabilization (OIS), but Samsung mentioned that it was unable to do so due to time constraints. It is working on new camera module that does feature OIS, and is showcasing a prototype at the Kintex Exhibition Center in Seoul from today.

The new module measures 10.5 x 10.5 x 5.9mm, and is said to be eight times better at taking images and videos in low-light conditions than what its current-gen models achieve. The module can also correct angular errors by up to 1.5 degrees, which is more than what the HTC One manages at 1 degree. The number is also higher than what digital cameras achieve, as they usually correct up to 0.7 degrees. Samsung also claimed that the module will utilize less power.

Samsung has not stated what devices the camera will feature in, but considering that it is slated to go into mass production during the first half of 2014, it should be seen on the Galaxy S5.

Source: Samsung