Samsung is projected to have raked in a whopping 8.98 billion dollars (U.S.) in operating profits for the second quarter.  Samsung attributes the numbers to strong demand for their Galaxy line of smartphones.

Recent data conducted by financial information provider FnGuide says that Samsung should expect to bring in $8.98 billion (U.S.) in operating profits for the second quarter.

The data also suggests that operating profits in the April-June period would be expected to see a 62.2% increase on-year to around $9.2 billion (U.S.).  Second quarter sales should see a 23.4% jump on-year to nearly $52.7 billion (U.S.). 

Samsung had estimated its January-March operating profits to have risen approximately 53% to $7.7 billion (U.S.). It is also projected that the company sold about 68 million smartphones, up from 63 million in the December quarter, according analysts.  Actual 1st quarter profits number will be released on April 26, 2013.

When Samsung releases their Galaxy S IV later this month sales may show even bigger gains.  Some analysts are predicting the company could sell as many as 22 million Galaxy S4 smartphones in the April-June time period.