Content hubs on Galaxy devices will soon be a thing of the past, starting with the music app.

Samsung ATIV S

In an ideal world, phones would ship without bloatware. Samsung’s Galaxy line of devices are notorious for shipping with dozens of proprietary apps installed that nobody every uses or wants.

An example of Samsung’s notorious bloatware is the selection of content hubs that come included with its devices. Compared to Google’s Play Store or other content apps, Samsung’s Video, Books, Games, Learning or Apps hubs have a very limited selection of content and even less of a userbase.

So Samsung has finally decided that it was time for these apps to go. According to TechRadar, Samsung has sent an email to users stating that Samsung Music would “will no longer be available” as of July 1 and users should use any voucher credits they have before then.

For its part Samsung didn’t have much more to say, telling TechRadar, “We remain committed to delivering rich content experiences and a wide range of choices to our customers through our own services as well as those of our partners.”

Source: TechRadar


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