Samsung logo on TA950 display

We first heard about the Samsung beautiful TA9 Series 3D display launching as a part of AMD HD3D initiative. Since that launch, we wondered could you cram a whole PC inside the base. Today, we got that answer – meet the Series 9 AIO.

Without any doubt, Samsung TA950 is one of best looking computer displays we have seen in all of 2011. Stylish and sleek, this 27" display boasts asymmetric design and flawless manufacturing quality. However, we have all wondered could the base, which fits quite a lot of connectors – be sufficient to pack a fully featured computer?

On CES 2012, we have received our answer. Computer Shopper noticed the All-In-One version of TA950 named "Series 9 AIO" and it should be available in EMEA and Asian markets now.

Samsung took a page from Apple book (again) and equipped the part with components similar to those used in 27" iMacs. The Series 9 AIO available with Core i5 and i7 processors, AMD Mobility Radeon graphics and 4 or 8GB of system memory. Did we mention the display is still 120Hz, 3D compliant (with DDD middleware)?

There are six USB ports, two of them being USB 3.0, and four being the regular 2.0. Two HDMI ports are also available but for some reason, we could not find a single DisplayPort. Given that even the original TA950 supported RJ-45 Ethernet and DisplayLink USB connectivity (use USB or Ethernet instead of HDMI to display picture), don't be surprised to see an RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet connector on the AIO model as well. Sound capabilities featured a downgrade, unfortunately as we no longer see the multi-channel audio output, only "Headphones In" and "Microphone In" ports being present.

Systems start at $1399, which is about $700 (double) more than the original price for the display. Given the hardware inside, we're not surprised.