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The front part from top. On the left is actually where the
reset button is located. It actually lights up in red if there is activity
on the hardisk. On the right is where the Power On/Off button is located.
There would be a permanent blue light if the power is on. In the center is
where the 2 x USB ports and audio jacks (line output and MIC) are placed.
Good idea to have those connectors covered.

Connectors unveiled. There is actually a hole to cater for
IEEE 1394 or commonly known as the firewire. Sad thing is that the port is
not provided.

The red and blue glow.

The front of the case. This is the reason why it’s
called a BAT case. Doesn’t it look like some super-hero that we know?
At the bottom of the front panel is actually mesh for air intake through the

Unmasking the Super-Hero Mask reveals 4 x 5 ¼”
bay and 2 x 3 ½” bay. The front cover door actually uses magnet
as a locking mechanism. The strength of the magnet isn’t really that
strong but sufficient to hold the door in place. Enough about the exterior.
Let’s take a look at the interior now.

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