Now let’s take a look at the Power Supply itself:

The top of the power supply unit

A closer look at the specifications of the unit

Bottom of the power supply unit where the 120mm intake fan is.

The funny thing is that the one that was sent to us doesn’t
have an LED fan. Perhaps this is only featured on some models. This is a 120mm intake

The back of the unit where the 80mm exhaust fan is located

The modular output connectors. From left to right : 3 x 3 pin molex, 4 x 4 pin molex, 2 x 5
pin SATA, 1 x 6 pin PCI-e, 1 x 8 pin 12 volt

Basically, a modular power
supply refers to a unit which features modular output connectors which you plug
power connectors such as your molex and PCI Express connectors into. The
advantage of this is that your case will be tidier as you will not have
unnecessary power cables which you will not be using inside your case.