The new ballpen and touchpen tool by Sanwa can be used to note, write, point and browse on all kinds of surfaces.

Touchpens are nifty and convenient little tools that can be used for clean and pinpoint touchscreen browsing. But if these tools are generally classified as pens, wouldn't it be more convenient to if they could also be normally used as a ballpen? The idea may be hardly original nowadays, but you may want to take a short look at what Sanwa can offer for your productivity. Simply called as the "Ballpen & Touchpen", this is a tool that can help you "access" all sorts of different surfaces.

The "Ballpen & Touchpen" tool is originally designed to act as a touchpen for capacitive screened units, particularly modern tablets. It has a soft end and good sensitivity, which allows for the tactile sensation of actually pressing into the buttons of the screen interface. However aside from its touchpen function it can also be used as an ordinary ball point pen for writing notes. You simply have to pull the front half off, turn it around, and connect the touchpen end to the other end to the pen. The third and last functionality of the pen is its Class 2 laser pointer, which can of course be used on all kinds of wallboards for lectures, presentations and other similar stuff.

Additionally, the overall design of the pen was done to make it look like a deluxe or premium ball point pen of some kind. Maybe this would make the product look more attractive when worn with proper businessperson attire?

The "Ballpen & Touchpen" is currently available at Sanwa's online shop with a 3980 yen (50 USD) price tag.

Source: ITMedia, Sanwa (JP)