sanyo1 SANYOs New Xacti Dual Cameras

SANYO has announced their new line-up of Xacti Dual Cameras which are designed as a combination of digital still cameras and camcorders for users to take both photos and videos separately. Featuring a small and compact form factor, the cameras are extremely portable and easy to hold for filming and shooting anytime, anywhere.

sanyo1 SANYOs New Xacti Dual Cameras

Today, SANYO introduces its latest Xacti Dual Cameras line-up that provide great flexibility for camera lovers and users to take both photos and videos, enhancing and enriching active lifestyles.

The new mixed form factor (horizontal, vertical) line-up of five cameras including waterproof HD models (DMX-WH1 and DMX-CA9), a stylish Compact HD DMX-CG10, and Full HD 60fps cameras (DMX-FH11 and DMX-HD2000).

The DMX-HD2000/FH11 is the world’s first to capture Progressive Full HD video at (1920 x 1080); the DMX-CA9/WH1 is the world’s first waterproof HD camera; the DMX-CG10 is the world’s first HD Movie camera that can shoot high resolution 10-Megapixel still photos.

The cameras will be available from February 6, 2009.

Source: SANYO