Ever wonder what the difference is between graphic cards of the same chipset, in this case AMD/ATI, and how they differ in benchmark performance? Well look no further, Alpha1Ma puts Sapphire’s HD4830 (512MB), HD 4870 (512MB), HD 4870 Toxic (overclocked edition 512MB), and Sapphire HD 4850×2 (2GB) to the test.


In this review, we will attempt to gauge the performance of the four Sapphire GPUs.

The following GPUs will be used:-

Sapphire HD 4830 512MB

Sapphire HD 4870 512MB

Sapphire HD 4870 Toxic (Overclocked Edition) 512MB

Sapphire HD 4850×2 2GB

We will also be using 7 different benchmark tests:-

3DMark 06

3DMark Vantage

F.E.A.R (In game benchmark test)

Devil May Cry 4 (In game benchmark test)

Far Cry 2 (In game benchmark test)

Crysis (Crysis Benchmark Tool)

Crysis Warhead (Framebuffer Crysis Benchmarking Tool)


Each test will be carried out with the same CPU frequency.

CPU will be overclocked to 4.0 Ghz to attempt to resolve bottleneck issues.

All the GPUs used in this test will be maintained at their stock/factory settings.

Fan speed of the GPUs will be maintained at 100% throughout the test using ATI Catalyst to avoid any issues arising due to temperature.

Benchmarking process is carried out in an air-conditioned room maintained at 24 degrees celcius.