Closer Look :

As we’ve come to expect with graphic
card launches over the last few months, the first
batch of cards does not include ramsinks or anything
too fancy to the physical make up of the cards,
except for of course the Sapphire branded GPU cooler
mounted on the Radeon 9600 Pro GPU. It’s important
to note that because the Radeon 9600 Pro is based
on the 0.13µ process, the GPU remains much
cooler than its 9800 Pro counterpart and therefore
requires a smaller and of course quieter cooling

As we turn the card around we see
the standard backside of the Atlantis Radeon 9600
Pro, of course using an almost dark purple colored

The board also uses EtronTech’s 2.8ns
em6a9320bi memory.

And finally the card uses the standard
VGA, S-Video, and DVI connections that we’ve all
grown accustomed to and in love with.