After popping off the HSF, we find a heatplate covering some of the I/Cs and memory chips

Thermal pads on the metal heatplate


Sapphire HD 7950 fully exposed – we've seen a few designs of the HD 7950 PCB and this is probably closest to the reference version (with the obvious exception of the blue dye)


Same Hynix GDDR5 RAMs as on the HD 7970s – bodes well for overclocking (we've seen it go as high as 1700MHz with stock voltage)


Like the HD 7970s we've seen, this card uses the 8-phase CHiL CHL8228G Digital PWM. Also note the extra solder point on the left PCIe connector – which could imply multiple SKUs based on the same PCB


The dual bios switch and Crossfire connectors are also present on this board


A conventional heatpipe cooler (instead of the more expensive vapour chamber seen on reference HD 7970 cards) which should be good enough to handle the TDP of this card


Raised bump for core contact – water cooling affectionados will be delighted to know that the hole spacing is the same as the HD 7970 for their waterblocks


0.35A @ 12V 90mm Brushless DC Fans