The familiar alien mascott on the retail box from Sapphire.

The Bundle provided by Sapphire. This includes the S-Video and
RCA cables, DVI to VGA convertor. 4 Bundled trial games and the Driver CD with
the manual to go along…


The length of the card is around 23cm.


The card is fitted with a single slot cooling solution made
of full copper.


The back of the card.


At the back of the I/O cover of the card are 2 DVI output
connectors and a VIVO capable S-Video Output.


Once the cooler was removed, we saw the placement of the memories of the card
in the same format of the nvidia card instead of previous generation cards of
ATi such as the X800XT PE.


The R520 core of the card. Manufactured on the 37th week
of 2005.

Onboard are the Samsung 2.0ns RAMs.