As with all of our recent ATI branded graphics card reviews, we’ll be using ATI’s new Catalyst Control Center with the latest version of ATI’s Catalyst drivers, this time with version 4.10.

As you can see from the Displays Manager screen above, the Radeon X800XT supports a wide array of dual display modes, even full HDTV support (which has actually been supported since the R300).

As with all other R420 based graphics cards, the Sapphire Radeon X800XT PCIe supports Anti-Aliasing Settings of up to 6X and Anisotropic Filtering settings of up to 16X. New with Catalyst 4.10 is Catalyst A.I.,

essentially a set of optimizations built into the driver that allow for better performance in today’s popular games. We’ll be testing the Radeon X800XT PCIe with and without Catalyst AI disabled to see how it affects today’s most popular games.


A great feature that we first saw used in conjunction with the Radeon 9800XT is the OVERDRIVE section of the Catalyst driver. Although when enabled, OVERDRIVE only overclocks your graphics card between 2-5%, the OVERDRIVE section of the Catalyst driver is very useful because it provides you with accurate temperature readings of your graphics card’s GPU.