A university in Cyprus has begun accepting Bitcoin as a form of tuition payment.bitcoin-accepted-here-subway

The University of Nicosia, home to some 5,000 aspiring real world professionals, recently announced that it will accept Bitcoin starting this spring.  The Bitcoin craze is a bit out of control at the moment.  So to ensure that the university will retain most of the currency’s value, they will immediately convert the digital money into Euros upon receiving the payment.

“The intention of this initiative is to ease transmission difficulties for certain students and to build our own practical knowledge about this field, not to engage in currency speculation,” a spokesperson told GeekWire.

Organizations, big or small, are all thinking about Bitcoin to some extent, and many have already acted upon the hype.  Luckily for these college students, some Subway sandwich shops have already begun accepting Bitcoin also.  Talk about convenience.

Source: GeekWire | Image: coindesk