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Scientists create powerful battery that can recharge almost instantly

A team of scientists from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have reportedly created a new battery technology that is 2000 times more powerful and can recharge 1000 times faster than traditional rechargeable batteries.

When we think about the bottlenecks in computers, we tend to think more about the components that are processing the information, but what about the power source?   For mobile gadgets, one can say that the power source is a bottleneck since it takes time to recharge, and time is something not all of us have.

(High performance, all day, every day.)

When a laptop battery begins to run dry, certain things are put into place to conserve whatever juice the battery still has.  These conservation efforts by the system, however, may prevent the computer from operating at full speed.  Researchers have, for a while, poured countless hours into developing an energy storage medium that recharges quickly without compromising the power aspect, and this is where scientists from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign come in. 

“The thinking parts of computers have gotten small,” said William P. King, one of the scientists on the team. “And the battery has lagged far behind.  This is a microtechnology that could change all that.  Now the power source is as high-performance as the rest of it.”

According to their published findings, the team has successfully created microbatteries that are capable of near instant recharge.  The crew’s research suggests high adaptability in mobile consumer gadgets, but according to the team the battery technology is scalable.  Meaning, it is possible to use the technology to jumpstart even a car battery.

Moreover, the team’s power cells are 2000 times more powerful than traditional rechargeable batteries.  Better yet, the new battery can also recharge 1000 times faster.  The numbers certainly make the new battery look very impressive and promising on paper, but we will have to see for ourselves if and when a consumer product is ready.

Source: University of Illinois via Huff Post

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