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Scientists use urine to recharge cell phone

Scientists from the University of Bristol and Bristol Robotics Laboratory have developed a microbial fuel power stack (MFC) that utilizes urine to recharge cell phone batteries.


The team concocted a method in which bacteria grown on carbon fiber anodes were manipulated into breaking down urine in ceramic cylinders to produce small amounts of electrical charge, which were then stored on a capacitor.

“The beauty of this fuel source is that we are not relying on the erratic nature of the wind or sun; we are actually reusing waste to create energy,” said one of the engineers involved in the project.

As exciting as it may sound, the current size of the cell is the size of a car battery, so it’s practicality in current mobile phone usage has dwindled drastically. However, the researchers claim that they will work on downsizing the MFC to for modern applications.

“Our aim is to have something that can be carried around easily,” the engineer said.

Currently, the MFC is capable of generating enough power to enable SMS messaging, web browsing and making brief phone calls.

If you have the urge to urinate at this moment, please remember that your bodily waste can be harnessed to recharge your phone.

Source: phys

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