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Scott Forstall ousted because he didn’t sign Maps app apology letter

Drama among Apple’s managements may be the reason why iOS chief, Scott Forstall, will leave the company at the end of this year.

The change in management will be a massive shake up for Apple, and apparently it’s out of stubbornness  that Forstall has decided to jump ship.  According to various reports, Forstall refused to sign the apology letter regarding the faulty Maps app in iOS6, which Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, had publicly acknowledged while also suggesting alternatives.

Apparently, Forstall’s history within the company seems to have a part in foretelling his ultimate departure later this year.  Bloomberg reported in a recent story that Forstall wasn’t always “cooperative,” and that he would brag about his relationship with Steve Jobs on more than one occasions.

Apple announced Monday that its current chief designer, Jonathan Ive, would step in to fill the void that left behind as a result of Forstall’s ousting.  Also in the announcement was the news regarding Apple’s head of retail to accompany Forstall in the departure. 

The Wall Street Journal reported that without Steve Jobs around to mediate the tension between the execs, the inevitable happened.  Jobs was notorious for his hot headedness and stubbornness, but according to sources familiar with the matter, Jobs did his part to retain talents within the company.

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