A video has surfaced online from Taiwan which shows off the purported iPhone 5C casing being subjected to a scratch test. Caliper measurements of the same casing indicate that its actually thicker than the iPhone 5.


Over the past couple of weeks we have seen a lot of pictures being posted online of purported iPhone 5C casings. Almost every single casing is identical to the next one. We’ve seen casings in different colors, black being the latest one. A casing identical to what we’ve been seeing for so long has been subjected to a scratch test by Apple Daily, a Taiwanese publication. They’ve posted the video online today.

In the video, this purported iPhone 5C casing is chucked inside a back that contains keys. The bag is then shaken quite a bit, but the casing emerges unscathed. A person that goes to town on the back with a car key, the casing holds up pretty well here too. This video makes it seem that this polycarbonate casing on Apple’s low cost iPhone does a pretty good job of keeping away scratches.

The casing is measured with a caliper which reveals that it is 124.55mm tall and 59.13mm wide. Without the display in place, the casing is 8.98mm thick. This is greater than the 7.6mm thickness of iPhone 5. We’ve yet to see a fully assembled iPhone 5C, hopefully we’ll see one of September 10th, when Apple is rumored to unveil this hotly anticipated device.

Source: [Apple Daily]