E-ink technology is featured in Amazon's kindle and many other reading devices. Its claim to fame is that content displayed on such screens are highly readable in a wide array of lighting conditions, just like ordinary paper. The company has managed to bring their technology one step closer to becoming truly paper-like. Read On.

Up till now, E-ink's technology is mainly found only in reading devices. But that is set to change, E-ink has come up with a product that can be crumpled like real paper. This new screen has the same display qualities as the original E-ink technology.

Possible applications for this screen which can be crumpled includes re-usable envelopes, clothing and even banners. Its flexibility allows it to be used in much more applications than before.

E-ink displays are said to use 60% less energy than traditional displays. Apart from saving energy, being almost identical to paper makes it more likely for consumers to consider e-ink as a viable alternative to paper products. Reducing our dependency on wood derived products reduces our impact on the environment.