Out popped the contents!

The heatpiped fin array, taller, wider and heavier than the Ninja

Notice the denser layout of fins in the Infinity over the Ninja?

Japanese engineers are 1337. See that the fins are largely concentated where the fan blades shift air? Material isn’t wasted where the “dead spot” is.

It’s a 5 “U” heatpipe cooler, no doubt about that.

Extra heat dissipating surface area. Ninja users in out forums have reported that cooling the fins here brought better temperatures.

floppy takes a teasing shot. =P

Random object on mirrored base which is supplied with protective film.

A 12VDC, 0.13A fan is provided. Quiet PCs ARE possible.

The Ninja was a great heatsink, but almost all the users agreed that it was a pain to mount. Now that the VTMS (Versatile Toll-Free Multiplatform System) tool-less heatsink installation protocol is applied to the Infinity, heatsink installtion is child’s play!

478 clips to work on the upcoming mPGA 478 Meroms or your oldschool 2.4C GHz Northwood.

LGA775 clips. Now that almost everyone has switched (or is switching) to a Core 2 Duo setup this is indispensable.

For the past 3 AMD sockets, 754, 939 and AM2.

An installation guide, 4 way fan clips (we’d elaborate more later) and a small satchet of thermal paste is included. No needs for fancy goop here, for the performance lies in the heatsink.