Now what in the hell is “4-Way Fan Mounting”? Put it simply, it’s kharmasutra for you heatsink to maximise pleasure and performance. Sounds w00t ain’t it? floppy did some tests with two configurations, so you get some idea. Best part? It’s a family fight between Ninja-san and Infinity-san!

Test Setup:

  • Intel Pentium XE 955 (3.46Ghz, Dual Core Engineering Sample, 130W TDP)
  • Silverstonetek FM121 120mm Fan (39.5dBa, 110CFM)
  • Asus P5WD2-E Premium Rev 1.01
  • Cosair XMS8000UL 512MB x2
  • Nvidia 7800GTX 512MB graphic card

Orientation ONE

Fan mounted across the full width, blowing in.

2 wins by the Infinity.

A draw between the two.

Orientation TWO

Fan mounted across the side, blowing in.

Ninja lost twice.

And won the system cooling round.