Contenders for the throne


All Benchmarks were conducted at ambient temperatures of approximately 26 degree celsius. Load temperatures was obtained running 4x instant of Prime 95, 2x small FFT and 2x large FFT for 30minutes.

Test Setup:

  • Intel Pentium XE 955 (3.46Ghz, Dual Core Engineering Sample, 130W TDP)
  • Asus P5WD2-E Premium Rev 1.01
  • Cosair XMS8000UL 512MB x2
  • Nvidia 7800GTX 512MB graphic card 
  • Silverstone ST65ZF

*The Scythe KamaCross, Noctua NH-U12F, Scythe Infinity and Ninja ran a Silverstonetek FM121 120mm Fan ran at max speed (39.5dBa, 110CFM).’

Please do note that results using the defualt 100mm fan on the Scythe Kama Cross is not recorded as the heatsink could barely keep the Presler XE 955 stable at load.