The Scythe Mine with a 100mm fan sandwiched in between

The cross section where you secure the fan

The Mine also boasts a Midship Fan mounting mechanism, similar to the Kamakiri cooler that was introduced by Scythe a while back. This places the fan in a push/pull configuration sandwiched between two sections of fins within the heatsink. The unique fan mounting mechanism also allows you to stick fans between 60 to 140mm within the heatsink. The design only allows one to install a fan that’s strictly 25mm though, and thinner or thicker fans will not be able to fit under any circumstances.

The two screws used to secure the fan

A side blowing heatsink does have it’s flaws too; the PWM area doesn’t get as much air flow as compared to the traditional down-blowing heatsinks. In the case of the Mine, the air flow is extremely minimal as the 100mm fan is elevated way beyond the PWM area.


The Mine comes with an exceptionally well-finished base; it’s flat and polished to perfection. It is absolutely not necessary for anyone to sand it down or lap it further.

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