SCYTHE, well known for its cooling solutions, is going to release two new models for its fan controllers; Kaze Q-12 and Kaze Q-8. Read on.

SCYTHE Kaze Q-12 Fan Controller



SCYTHE Kaze Q-8 Fan Controller

As most fan controllers in the market can only control from four to six fans, hardware enthusiasts often face the problem of finding a single fan controller to suit their needs. SCYTHE Kaze Q-12 and Q-8 should be able to take care of the problem. The Kaze Q-12 Fan Controller can control up to 12 fans with a maximum of 1A per channel while the Kaze Q-8 Fan Controller have eight fan channels with the same maximum of 1A per channel. Users can also turn the fans off completely by turning the knob all the way to the left. The Kaze Q-12 and the Kaze Q-8 are likely to retail for US$35 (S$44) and US$24 (S$31) respectively.

  SCYTHE Kaze Q-12 SCYTHE Kaze Q-8
Type For 5.25" bay For 3.5" bay
Colour Black or Silver Black or Silver
Dimensions 148.5 x 42.5 x 63 mm 102 x 25 x 93 mm
Fan Channels 12 8
Output Ampere 1A 1A
Weight 142g 110g


For more information on SCYTHE Q-12: Link

For more information on SCYTHE Q-8: Link