Major customers and cloud service providers get the first samples of Seagate’s mega-sized drives.


During Seagate’s earnings call last week, CEO Steve Luczo let investors and analysts know that his company was one step closer to getting 8TB hard drives on the market.

Luczo said during the call that Seagate shipping 8 terabyte hard drive samples to customers for initial testing, one of the key steps in getting the drives to market.

“We have also delivered 8 terabyte customer development units to major customers and cloud service providers and the initial customer feedback has been very positive,” Luczo said during the call. “While it’s still early in the development of our Kinetic object-based storage platform, we are in deep technical discussions with a very broad-base of enterprise customers. We believe our focus on developing key values for object-based storage will make the Kinetic platform a differentiated offering in the cloud storage marketplace.”

Luczo didn’t say what technology or process Seagate was using for the 8TB drives, nor did he specify a release date or pricing for the general public.

During the call Luczo reported that Seagate posted a profit of $320 million on quarterly revenue of $3.3 billion.