Seagate has just launched its new gen hard drive disk, designed primarily for security and surveillance. 

Surveillance HDD

Seagate has unveiled a new breed of surveillance based hard drives which is optimized to store important video footage more efficiently. Seagate plans to target government institutions and other private corporations which require repeated surveillance and storage with this new line of HDDs.

Seagate will make these hard drives available in capacities of up to 4TB, capable of recording footage of over 480 hours in HD. Using the rotational vibration or RV system, corporations which require a bulk of surveillance and multiple drives (up to 16) can do so with relative ease. Companies can further scale the amount of storage required accordingly based on their requirements. This could prove to be a game changer for banks, casinos and other public places where surveillance is of utmost importance. The Surveillance HDD will fit into a basic 3.5 inch slot, which is the standard used by most hard drives of late.