Ah hah! I know that place!

Eh wait, let’s check again.

AS1 monkeys around in bid of warming up for the race.

spyboy48 going for the kill.

Sim Lim Square regulars taking the chance to greet their favourite salespeople as they tour the stores looking for number tags.

spyboy48 explores Bell with Zephyrus.

Turns out to be the wrong unit! It’s in the peripheral store.

Let me hide that number tag.

Here it is!

If I don’t win, I’d kill you.

Enough lead to pose for a shot.

Of course, there were distractions. Yours truly took a long while editing this picture.

Twice the time was spent editing this.

Second runner up, spyboy48 & Zephyrus.

First runner up, PrinceRaied & friend.

First in place!

Certified Seagate Scavengers.

A group shot usually signals the end of a day’s work, but in no time another crowd gathered…