Telltale Games has won countless awards for their heart-wrenching video game adaptation of The Walking Dead, and the developers have revealed that another season is coming this fall.

Everyone in the world of gaming has heard of Telltale Games' game adaptation of The Walking Dead–it's a series that took the gaming sphere by storm with its innovative game mechanics and gut-wrenchingly emotional story arc. Telltale brought home over 80 Game of the Year awards last year, and the series has garnered immense favoritism from both professional critics and causal gamers alike.

Telltale's story isn't done, though, and they have recently announced that Season 2 of The Walking Dead will be coming in Fall of this year. It's quite a long wait, but in the meantime gamers will have to make do with the second half of The Walking Dead Season 3 on AMC. Activision's Suvival Instinct FPS set in The Walking Dead's undead-riddled world is coming out this month as well, giving potential zombie apocalypse survivors their much-needed gore-infused action.

“We’re aiming for fall of this year,” studio co-founder Dan Connors begins. "That’s a pretty long time, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Walking Dead writer Gary Whitta revealed recently that “there may very well be more Walking Dead from Telltale before season two. We may have a little something extra for you between season one and two.”
“We’ll probably have something to announce fairly soon about what we’re going to do. It’ll be different.”

It will be interesting to see what Telltale has in store for fans of the wildly popular series throughout the year, and if the "little something extra" is substantial or just a small tidbit for gamers to chew while waiting on Season 2. In any case, gamers are no-doubt excited to hear an official confirmation that another series of chapters is in the works, and one can only guess the new plots and characters for the next season.

Season 2 of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead is expected to release sometime in Fall 2013, and will most likely feature a digital multi-platform release–Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. 

Via EGM Now