Google is rumored to be in the process of updating its Nexus 10 tablet to an 8-core GPU, and appeasing to the cries of current Nexus 10 owners who are saying that their tablets’ performance are below par.

Sources are suggesting that the refreshed Nexus 10 will sport the 8-core Mali-T678 GPU along with a quad-core CPU.  Major component upgrades such as a beefier GPU merits a design overhaul, so maybe we’ll see a brand spanking new Nexus 10 by May or June.  Although, it is also reported that Google may tuck away the beefier chips under the same current Nexus 10 shell.

Mobile World Congress is right around the corner, but most can guess that it’s just too soon for Google to announce a new tablet in Barcelona.  Google’s I/O event, however, sounds like a reasonable date for the lid to be lifted.

The current Nexus 10 features a dual-core A15 along with the quad-core Mali T604.  Currently, the 16GB model costs $399, and the 32GB model is tagged for $499.