Apple is expected to see their first ever year-on-year drop in shipments for the second quarter of 2013 in regards to the iPad.  Analysts attribute the decline to fierce competition from other makers of Android-based mobile devices.

The investment firm KGI financial services group recently announced that Apple was expected to experience their first ever decline in iPad shipments.  Ming-Chi Kuo who serves as one of KGI’s expert analysts says that worldwide competition from Android device makers, such as Samsung is the main cause in the slower sales.  This year-on-year decline will be the first time iPad has seen poor numbers since its release in 2010.

In all, iPad shipments will suffer a quarter-to-quarter decline of nearly 25% or what amounts to about 10-15% year-on year for the second quarter of 2013. KGI says that they predict 14 to 15 million units in sales for the three-month period.

KGI along with many other investment analysts feel that relatively inexpensive touch screen Android-based smartphones are the main cause behind the slowed demand.  Simply put, most buyers saw the same features in less expensive Android devices and disinterested consumers are looking to buy new kinds of devices during the summer season.

iPad mini shipments is predicted to see a 40% quarter-on-quarter drop, and KGI says that the mini should see a sell-in of approximately 12.7 million units for quarter period ending this June.  Growth is expected for the third quarter when Apple releases the latest 5th generation iPad, nevertheless, this all depends on whether buyers are happy with the new design.