Earlier today it was reported that Apple had confirmed its Developer Center had been hacked last week, which led to the closure of the center on Thursday. An independent security researcher has now stepped in the spotlight, claiming that he’s behind the Developer Center hack.


Apple informed registered developers of this hack today via e-mail. It said that personal information such as names, addresses and phone numbers had been compromised. Apple said that it shut down the center on Thursday to fix the issues and to prevent any further sensitive information from being leaked. The official statement came after a few days of various developers complaining of issues when accessing the Developer Center.

A Turkish security researcher by the name Ibrahim Balic has left a comment on TechCrunch, claiming that it was he who is behind the hack.  He says that he didn’t mean to cause any harm or damage, and that he was merely finding bugs in the center. Balic claims to have found 13 bugs and says that he reported every single bug to Apple. He says that it was one of those bugs that allowed him to access details of over 100,000 users. He extracted details of 73 users, all of whom are Apple employees, and sent it to the company so as to depict the seriousness of this issue.

Balic repeatedly says that he didn’t have any malicious intentions. As of now, the Developer Center remains down as Apple works round the clock to plug the holes and rebuild the database. The company hasn’t issued a statement yet on Balic’s comment.