Capcom has released their financial results for the last fiscal year and the results are mixed.  Some expectations missed, some expectations exceeded. Net profits were down 55%. They expect a lot better for the new fiscal year.

Capcom has just released their financial results for the last fiscal year which ended on March 31st, 2013. With it comes good news, bad news, and some mixed results. First, the good news! The results were actually somewhat in-line with what the company expected. The bad news is that that had to cut their profit guidance in half to get to that expectation. Net sales ended up reaching 94.1 billion yen which is actually a 14.1% increase, but net profits dropped a whopping 55.8% to only 3 billion yen.

As for specific games, that's where the mixed results come in.  Resident Evil 6 can be seen as a bit of disappointment for the company not only because of the backlash by critics are gamers alike, but also because they missed their sales expectations by about 2 million units.  They managed to move 4.9 million but were hoping for it to sell 7 million.

It wasn't all bad though, Dragon's Dogma continues to surprise by selling 1.3 million copies, which they claim exceeded their expectations. Devil May Cry sold 1.1 million units in what Capcom is calling "solid" and claims that it is still finding a place in the overseas market. The company plans to increase game development with hopes of improving these numbers. Their expectations for the next fiscal year include an increase to 6.8 billion yen in net profits. They claim they have restructuring to do as well to improve the state of their financials.

Will the new commitment to increase game development and their planned restructuring help them reach their new goals? Only time will tell.

Source: Capcom Via: CVG UK


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