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Sega joins forces with the Ouya


Sonic has a new ally in the tiny Android console

The Ouya is still scheduled for release later this month (after multiple delays) and it looks like Sega have seen potential in the little console. Sega spoke with GamesIndustry International earlier this week to give them the low-down on their partnership with the Ouya. The Android-based console has already received support from a lot of indie developers but to see an old giant go after it is a big boost to the console’s reputation.

The company announced three major titles for the Ouya from Sega – Sonic the Hedgehog Episode 1 and 2 and Sonic CD, which will all be available by June 27th on the Ouya. All three games have been optimised for the Ouya’s Tegra system and demos will be available for the console on the same day. The demos will include the first levels of Episode 1 and Sonic CD and Episode 2 will offer the first two levels for gamers to try.

Julie Uhrman, CEO and Founder of the Ouya, spoke with GamesIndustry about their new partnership, saying “Sega is an example of the types of developers that are coming to Ouya. We’ve always said that because Ouya is open, we lower the barriers for any type of developer, whether it’s AAA or a newcomer. We’re going to see all types of developers and games on Ouya. We’re excited to have Sega as a partner, they’re a great publisher. Sonic is an iconic brand and we think it’s just going to add to the fun of playing on Ouya”. Ouya’s Uhrman has been there from the start and is incredibly excited for the June 25th release date.

Sega of America’s director of mobile business David Zemke also spoke with the gaming website about their new direction and the Ouya. Zemke is excited about the Ouya and how it is “a great gaming platform on a new device.” The director went on to compliment the Ouya as a ” disruptive technology” and how fun it is “to see what these technologies can do and be a part of it from the beginning”. Most importantly he says that it’s great to bring “Sega content to a whole new audience.”

While most of the titles are on both the Google Play and Apple App Store, Uhrman admits she’s not worried about the competition and distance the competition has already run. “Gamers like to play…on all different types of platforms,” Uhrman states humbly, “I’m not surprised that we’re seeing titles come to Ouya that are on other platforms. I think gamers will love to play Sonic on the television through Ouya. ” That being said the Ouya will have exclusives that no other console or smartphone may distribute, Uhrman is confident with this fact as “every conversation with a developer is different” and with “over 16,000 developers,” there’s a greater possibility of exclusive content.

Sega’s partnership with Ouya is only for the three announced titles but could go into the future. Zemke states that it depends on a ” delicate mix of how and when to do it.”  The three Sonic Ouya titles will cost players $6.99 to purchase on launch, which compared to the $3.99 on Google Play and $1.99 on the App Store, could mean a loss in sales for the more fiscally savvy gamer. Regardless, it’s good to see big developers like Sega and Square Enix back new and exciting consoles, even if it’s apart of keeping up with the times. on both app markets.

via GamesIndustry International

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