The best of the budget scene, the AMD Sempron (Socket 754) are in. Now in flavors of 2600+, 2800+ and also 3000+!

AMD had always been the premier choice for budget computing. Riding on the
success of it’s older Athlon 64 brother, AMD had introduced Sempron family of
processors that is targeted at the budget conscious crowd. Now, these value
processors had been introduced in Socket 754 format. Based closely to it’s AMD
Athlon 64 processors, these "budget" CPUs are packed a punch.


The Sempron family of processors. available in 2600+, 2800+ and 3000+


A closer look at the Sempron 2600+. From it’s markings, it is a "cripped"
Winchester core, with 128KB of cache. Made very recently, in the first week of

Some information about the Sempron 2600+. Operating at 1.6Ghz for this. The
2800+ and 3000+ will be operating at 1.8Ghz, and 2.0Ghz respectively.


Pricing for the top end 3000+ model is set at about $ 180. Very cheap for such
a well performing "budget" chip.