Soon, our favourite smart phones may not just be good at displaying sharp photos; they may even feel like the object represented in the photos too. Touch screen technology company Senseg has just unveiled its prototype “Feel Screen”, a hint that we may soon experience the display with our finger tips as well.



Touch technology company Senseg has just revealed a prototype touchscreen which is capable of creating a variety of physical impressions on the skin, and in essence, applying different textures to the same surface. Dubbed the “Feel Screen”, it utilizes electrostatic fields which can be felt by our fingers to induce a tactile response. According to Senseg, this is done by creating and controlling a small attractive force between the screen and the finger generated from this field, thus producing a range of effects such as rough textures, edges and vibrations, just to name a few. We can expect to have this experience across devices of various screen sizes as the company states that the system is scalable.

The technology has promising applications in enhancing user interfaces such as creating a touchscreen keyboard that has a perceptible separation between each key as depicted visually on-screen. It may also become an important piece in bridging tablet technologies to the blind. While the technology is ready to be mass produced by 2012, devices incorporating such screens will probably appear in 2013 or later.

Source: Techwatch