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Separate volume controls and quick settings menu coming to Windows Phone 8?

One of the long standing nuisances of Windows Phone 8 might be resolved with the GDR3 update to the OS, which is expected to begin rolling out later this year.


While some love the fact that Windows Phone 8 uses a single volume setting for every app and function, there are many (including yours truly) who have been longing for separate volume controls on Microsoft’s mobile platform ever since it came into existence. If the latest rumor is to be believed, those users will have their wish granted in the GDR3 update to WP8.

The separate volume controls will work as you expect – for example, the ringer volume will be separate from, say, the volume in a game or media app. However, since many like the current single volume setting, let’s hope Microsoft puts in a toggle to select between separate and global volume controls, so that users can choose whichever they like.

The same source also hints that a Quick Settings menu is being readied, though there’s no telling what that might look like. Windows Phone already allows apps to make a live tile shortcut to menus such as Wi-Fi settings, but a quick settings menu would be a nice little addition for quick access to Wi-Fi, data, GPS, and other settings.

The GDR3 update is also expected to add a notification center, support for 1080p displays and quad-core chipsets, an unknown feature named “Appetite,” and other small but useful changes. However, rumors have pointed at features being added and removed from GDR3 constantly, so get your hopes too high up unless there’s some official confirmation.

Source: WP Dang

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