Let’s take a look at the power connectors next.

All the power connectors are nicely sleeved, so no worries for those looking
out for tidiness!


A 20 to 24 pin ATX power connector. If you’re on a 24-pin ATX motherboard,
just hook on the extra 4 connectors shown above and plug the full 24 pin in.


The dedicated +12v line for the motherboard. Serial Extension of an EPS connector
for the motherboards that support the EPS power connection.


Even though there is no official NVIDIA SLI certification for this power unit,
it sports dual PCI Express connectors for dual display cards in SLI or the upcoming
Cross-Fire cards from ATi.


It sports a total of 6 molex power connectors and 2 floppy power connectors
from 3 main power lines.


A little disappointed that it only comes with 2 SATA power connectors, very
sufficient for most users, but a bit of a hassle for the heavy SATA users who
will need to buy additional SATA power extension cables.

The good news is that the power cables are all pretty long so length-wise it
definitely will satisfy those who are hooking up widely spaced apart components.