According to latest reports, a number of Apple Retail Stores in the U.S. have started price matching the iPhone 5C and the iPad Air.


While Apple Retail Stores are operational in most major cities in the U.S., the company’s official brick-and-mortar stores often don’t offer the best deals. Third-party retailers, on the other hand, often run discounts and offer special pricing on popular products such as iPhones and iPads. Back in September when the two new iPhones were launched, Apple price-matched retailers’ discounted pricing for the iPhone 5C for a short time. The company did the same for iPad Air, which it was released back in November.

Recent reports suggest that a number of Apple Retail Stores have started doing it once again, although only for the iPhone 5C and the iPad Air. As of now, no Apple Retail Store is price matching the iPhone 5S or the Retina iPad Mini. The situation varies from region to region, there are still several Apple Retail Stores that have opted not to price match pricing with that offered by other retailers or carriers.

However, there are some strings attached. Despite the fact that a number of retailers and carriers have offered substantial discounts on these products, Apple Retail Stores will only match prices up to 10 percent. So even if a carrier starts offering iPhone 5C off contract instead of the MSRP of $199 with a two year contract, don’t expect Apple to go down the same road. It will, nevertheless, knock 10 percent off.

Source: 9to5Mac