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Sexy red HTC One shows up again to tease us

A red HTC One does exist, and will hopefully begin appearing at your local retailers soon.

Handtec, a UK retailer, has made available the brightly colored red HTC One on the store’s website, but currently the device is “Out of stock.”  When Handtec does decide to begin selling the red handset again, though, the device will be available for £503.99 including VAT for UK and Europe, and £419.99 for other parts of the world.

As far as specs are concerned, the bloody beautiful HTC One handset boasts the same specs as its black and white counterpart. 

It certainly seems like HTC is trying to gather up as much steam as possible for its flagship before making the red edition available to the public.  Faster, and perhaps sleeker, Android smartphones are due to arrive mid-2013, so HTC shouldn’t tease people any longer.  Hopefully, the Taiwanese handset maker will make the red HTC One official soon.

Via Android Authority

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