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SGX Reach claims world’s fastest trading engine, to launch 15 August

Singapore Exchange

Investment holding company, Singapore Exchange (SGX), has announced SGX Reach, the world’s fastest trading engine which is due to launch on 15 August this year. SGX Reach offers investers more ways to execute their orders.

Singapore Exchange (SGX) today announced that it will be launching SGX Reach, the world’s fastest trading engine, on 15 August 2011.

Reach claims to enhance Singapore‘s position as the trading hub for investors to participate in Asia’s growth of economies. The SGX Reach is a result of the exchange’s investment of S$250 million  announced last year in the new trading infrastructure that will enable customers to trade faster and at a lower cost.

“Reach is another step by SGX in developing the Singapore market and enhancing its attractiveness as a listing venue,” said Sachin Nikhare, an analyst at IIFL Institutional Equities. “However, technology is just one of the factors; size, depth and liquidity of the market along with global market dynamics will influence how fast SGX can grow its business,” said Magnus Bocker, CEO of SGX.

SGX is currently working with its members and technology partners to prepare for the rollout of Reach. In addition to its benchmarked order response time of 90 microseconds “door-to-door”, Reach can handle 1 million order book changes per second per partition, 100 times the capacity of the existing engine.

Source: Korea Newswire, Wall Street Journal

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