Guo Chaohui, CEO of Shanghai Nutshell, has announced his resignation, citing family illness.

Guo Chaohui, CEO of Shanghai Nutshell, announced on October 25 that he is resigning.  "I am resigning because my wife is sick, and I want to go home," he said.  "I want to help her back to health and be with my loved ones."  He officially submitted his resignation on October 19.

Shanghai Nutshell is an e-reader company and a subsidary of Shanda Entertainment.  Under Guo Chaohui's management, Nut Shell released the Bambook, a high quality touch screen ebook catered specifically to the Chinese market.  

"Apple and Amazon have successful business models," Guo said.  "If you truly love the software, do the hardware, too.  The purpose is not to control the customer's entire experience, but to improve the experience overall.  In the internet age, people grow up questioning and condemning.  Through questioning, you can improve the business model.  Through condemning, you can improve the customer experience."

Guo's resignation comes at a time of high turnover for Shanda.  The CEO of Shanda Entertainment, Tan Qunzhao, left recently.  Within the past year, other business segments have experienced low retention at the executive level.