Amazon Kindle

Amazon has introduced an ebook lending feature on the Kindle that lets you share your ebooks with your friend for two week. Bad news is, once you shared the ebooks, you will not be able to read those ebooks until they have been “returned”.

Going into the new year, has recently introduced their new Kindle ebook lending feature to the Kindle customers. You can share selected Kindle ebooks with your friends up to two weeks, and all you need to do is to enter the name and email address of the friend you want to lend to. With the Kindle apps available for PC and mobile devices, borrowers need to have to own a Kindle to read the borrowed ebook. However, once the ebook is lent out, you will not have access to that ebook until the borrower “returns” the ebook.

Currently, the Kindle ebook lending is only available in the US, and on a title-by-title basis.