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Sharkoon Gaming Mice 3-way review

The DarkGlider is supplied inside a cardboard box similar to the one of the Drakonia but with a serious black-red theme instead. The user can see the DarkGlider through the clear window and read about its features around the sides of the box.

Being one of the better products which Sharkoon currently offers, the bundle which accompanies the DarkGlider is much richer than that of the previous two products. Inside the box we found a soft carrying pouch, a CD with the driver and software required to bring the mouse up to its full potential, as well as a luxurious tin box with three ceramic feet replacements and eight square weights inside.

The Sharkoon DarkGlider is a very large gaming mouse, designed for right handed users with large hands and long fingers. Its appearance is nothing alike the fancy design of the previous two, with Sharkoon opting for a serious, all-black theme this time. Most of the plastics have been treated and softened, giving the DarkGlider a smooth, comfy sensation.

The cable of the DarkGlider is covered with black nylon braiding, increasing its hardiness and appeal but also makes the cable stiffer and harder to turn. Sharkoon added a strap and a small filter right before the gold-plated connector.

Despite the fact that the DarkGlider is supposed to be a high grade gaming mouse, it is strange that Sharkoon did not add any extra side buttons. On the left side of the mouse we only found the standard "back-forward" keys above the thumb rest and there were no buttons at all on the right side of the mouse either.

There is nothing of real interest on the right side of the mouse, with the exception of the product logo printed near the bottom of the mouse.

The ridged rubber wheel of the DarkGlider is very robust and accurate, definitely on par with high grade gaming mice. Beneath the programmable 4-way wheel, Sharkoon placed three programmable buttons. By default, the top two buttons can be used to adjust the DPI setting of the DarkGlider on the fly and the third button is dubbed as "Game Key".

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