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Sharp introduces 3D AQUOS Phone SH-12C for Japan

Granted, mobile phones with 3D-capable displays are not the norm yet, but it is only a matter of time before more OEMs start hopping onto the bandwagon and rolling out devices that will see 3D-enabled smartphones eventually becoming the new mainstream. However, those who prefer to live their digital life on the bleeding edge of technology would probably take delight in the fact that there is a new player in the market for 3D-capable smartphones, and it comes in the form of Sharp's new AQUOS Phone SH-12C.

Smartphones sporting 3D-capable displays are more of a novelty than a mobile communication tool today due to the fact that consumer, carrier and software support for such devices is still at its infancy. However, it is also widely understood that the world is slowly but surely moving towards 3D, and that it is only a matter of time before such smartphones eventually take their place as the new 'standard' mobile communication tool. And it will seem that Sharp is looking to accelerate the adoption rate of 3D-enabled smartphones with the announcement of its own 3D smartphone, the AQUOS Phone SH-12C.

Not much about the SH-12C has been revealed by Sharp; indeed, the only thing we know about the SH-12C is that it has both rear and front-facing cameras, is (obviously) preloaded with Google's Android operating system, while the 4.2-inch capacitive touchscreen display is 3D-capable and boasts a native qHD resolution of 960 x 540. However, the company neglected to mention the exact version of Android that the phone will be shipping with, although the image above seems to suggest that the SH-12C may be getting some (heavily-customized) Gingerbread love right out of the box instead of the older Froyo.

That being said, it would seem that the dual 3D cameras situated at the SH-12C's rear might just happen to be the smartphone's real draw. Capable of capturing images at a remarkably high resolution of eight megapixels, the dual cameras can also be used to capture 3D HD videos at the maximum resolution of 720p

Last but not least, Sharp did not provide any information about the smartphone's price in its press release, but suffice to say a smartphone that boasts both a 3D camera and a 3D-capable display is definitely not going to be the most affordable mobile communications device on the market. However, the company did mention that the SH-12C will be released for retail in Japan on May 20 via NTT DoCoMo. As for the rest of the world…well, let's just say that watching pigs grow wings and fly would be a good way to pass the time while waiting for the SH-12C to show up on the shelves.

Source: Sharp

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