Fancy a new, large-size LCD TV? Well, Sharp Japan has just announced their latest 70-inch AQUOS LC-70Q7 LCD TV which claims to provide superb quality images, and consumes less power compared to conventional 70-inch TVs.

Sharp Japan has introduced their new AQUOS LC-70Q7 70-inch LCD TV, which is scheduled for release on 10 March, priced at 550,000 yen (approximately US$7,056). With such a huge display, you can have side-by-side Web browser screen, and television broadcasting simultaneously, though the recommended viewing distance is 2.6m. The LC-70Q7 comes with a full high definition (1920 × 1080 pixels) panel and incorporates the proprietary UV2A technology which can have precise control of the alignment of liquid crystal molecules in the LCD panel structure; and four color technology for vibrant, accurate colors.

It supports video recording to external USB HDD and is equipped with two digital tuners that lets you watch broadcast of real-time TV while recording the program. Other connectivity options include optional wireless LAN adapter, HDMI input, composite video input, and analog RGB. The Sharp LCD TV also has energy-saving features such as automatic screen brightness adjustment according to the ambient lighting.