LCD TVs are getting bigger by the months. Japanese manufacturer Sharp has recently announced plans to sell the 90-inch LCD TV in US, and 80-inch LCD TV in China and Japan.

According to Japanese media report on a recent interview with Sharp's president, Mikio Katayama, the company is planning to push their 90-inch LCD TVs in USA next year 2012. The model will be Sharp's largest LCD TV product to date. Sharp is already selling their 80-inch products in USA, and is currently the market leader in the country on large-size LCD TVs. Katayama said that the company is planning to introduce their 80-inch LCD TVs in China and Japan, in the first half of 2012; Sharp is already retailing their 70-inch in both countries. The Sharp president also expressed that the company intends to use the AQUOS branding for large-size LCD TVs.

On December 8, Kozo Takahashi, executive managing officer of Sharp, North and South America Group, said that it was thanks to the 60-inch LCD TVs that the company's sales have exceeded expectations. This year, the sales in US has reached 1.9 million units, which is almost a 40% growth compared to last year, and about 1.1 million of the total are 60-inch LCD TVs.

Source: hexun