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Sharp successfully develops world’s first 85-inch LCD panel compatible with Super Hi-Vision

The current full HD resolutions of 1920 x 1080 may be the end-all resolution for most home, commercial and industrial uses, but leave it to Japan to raise the glass ceiling once again in digital display technology.  Apparently, Sharp has managed to successfully develop a gigantic 85-inch LCD panel that is compatible with Japan's domestic Super Hi-Vision video format technology, which allows for video output at the extremely high resolution of 33 megapixels. With display resolutions like this, who needs yesteryear's full HD display technology?

If what people say about obstacles being stepping stones to one's eventual success is true, it would seem that Sharp has been a firm believer of this saying, and that today is the day the Japanese company has finally overcome the odds to produce yet another world's first. Apparently, Sharp has managed to successfully develop the world's first LCD display that is compatible with the country's proposed Super Hi-Vision next-generation television broadcast format, a feat that it has touted to world's first for direct display LCD panels.

For those who are not in the know, Japan's Super Hi-Vision broadcast format is capable of delivering media content at an extremely high resolution of 7680 x 4320 or approximately 33 megapixels, which in turn is almost 16 times greater than that of full HD. However, in order to cram that many pixels into a single LCD display, Sharp apparently had to settle for a display that measures no lesser than 85-inches, a dimension which effectively limits its usefulness to commercial and industrial settings.

That being said, Sharp definitely appears to have high hopes for its new Super Hi-Vision compatible panel, claiming that the use of its UV2A*2 LCD technology coupled with the performance levels of the Super Hi-Vision video display format will allow for the playback of "ultra-detailed, super-high-quality images capable of "immersing the viewer in a virtual-reality-like experience". Nice.

Now, all that remains is to wait for Sharp to successfully develop smaller versions of its Super Hi-Vision displays for use in consumer-grade television sets so that we can all enjoy some UHDTV goodness from the comfort of the living room sofa.

Brief specifications

Screen size: 85 inches (approx. 1.9 x 1.05 m)
Pixel count: 7,680 (H) x 4,320 (V) pixels
Brightness: 300 cd/m2
Gradation: 10 bits for each RGB color  

Source: Sharp

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