Japanese company AG Limited presents a rather unusual iPhone case, the Shibaful, which features realistic lawn grass.

Green is groovy nowadays. There's always bound to be bonus scores, especially when it comes to technology, whenever the green factor is introduced. And for iPhone cases, there is probably nothing greener than this idea presented by Japanese company AG Limited.

Shibaful is the name of AG Limited's special conceptual iPhone case that seemingly transforms any iPhone into a small grass field. Take note that it doesn’t just take the idea from any grass, as it is specifically conceptualized from grass that you see in a trimmed lawn (shibafu means "lawn" in Japanese).

Each of the tiny "grass blades" in the case is transplanted using their "static electricity transplant" technology, resulting into not only the look, but the actual natural feel of real, trimmed, lawn grass. We're not sure how that would be technically different from ordinary grass rolls, but it is claimed nevertheless that simply touching the case would supposedly have a different sensation than gripping it tightly. In addition, they also claim that the natural green color of the case can be pleasing to the eyes, and thus have a slight (if any) relieving effect.

The first 100 Shibaful iPhone cases were scheduled to be available in Japan last end of April 2013. They were sold with a price tag of 3980 yen, and were exclusively distributed at 8 different store locations across the country. As for its standard commercial availability, no specific information is out, although it is reported that currently the company is already working on the steps needed to mass produce it.

Source: ITMedia (JP) AG Limited (JP)