You might be scratching your head, wondering how ‘shouting’ and ‘entertainment’ can be remotely linked in any way. That was what we thought until we got wind about this game for the iPhone, which requires you to shout at your phone in order to take down the nasty boss. Here’s hoping you got a huge stash of Strepsils at the ready.

Read on to find out more about this shouting game.

Shouting is not one of the things that come to mind when the worlds ‘relaxation’ and ‘entertainment’ are brought up in a conversation. However, it seems that with the right mix of creativity, even an action that is usually associated with rage and frustration can be utilized for a game. And this is precisely what the Voice Fantasy game for iOS claims to do.

The gameplay for Voice Fantasy is rather simple: there is a nasty demon which is causing some trouble, and your job is to go right up to that demon and show him who is the boss of your iPhone’s virtual world. The only caveat is that you are not going to give that demon his well-deserved butt-kicking with weapons. Instead, you have to summon another monster to defeat that demon, which is done by shouting its name into your iPhone.

Lastly, if single-player mode is not enough to satisfy your shouting needs, the game also features various multiplayer modes which allow users to engage in a wholesome shout-fest to determine who walks awat the champion. Nice.

And if the game’s title was not a huge giveaway, it should probably come as no surprise that Voice Fantasy is developed by Square Enix, a company which is best known for its Final Fantasy series of video games. This means that you will get to see some classic Final Fantasy sprites show up during gameplay, as shown in the screenshots below.

The game is already available for download at the iTunes App Store, but trust us: it is not going to be cheap. Voice Fantasy will set you US$2.99, and that is not including the cost for lozenges and a doctor’s visit after a weekend of furious shouting. And more importantly, this is one game you really do not want to play while on the MRT or the bus.

Source: iTunes


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