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Shure SE535 Special Edition earphones to retail on 28 October in Japan


The Shure SE535 earphones were launched last year and feature great audio quality as well as detachable cables which are easily replaceable in case they break. And based on the popularity of the SE535, the company decided to come up with a special edition, and in a stylish red finish.

Shure Japan has announced that their new earphones, SE535 "Special Edition" (SE535LTD-J) will be launched on 28 October. The estimated retail price would be similar to the SE535, which is selling at around 49,800 yen (US$650). The Shure SE535 has already been released since last year, and the "Special Edition" is slightly different as it comes with a shorter cable length of 116cm (to the normal 160cm), stylish red finish, and support wider frequency band for better audio quality. The cable, which is made of durable Kevlar material, is removable with a snap-on locking mechanism, and other specifications is similar to the SE535 sibling. The earphones will also come bundled with stereo mini-plug input, silicon earpiece available in three sizes (small, medium and large), yellow foam sleeves, carrying case, airplane adapter, as well as level controller. The Shure SE535 "Special Edition" will be in limited quantity though, and available in Asia.

Source: watch.impress.co.jp

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